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Start slow, finish strong.

Every few years, I get the urge to significantly alter my life in some way.  So far, it has always been for the better (and I hope that trend continues). 

The last big change I made was a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.  Running became a cornerstone of that self-designed program.  As a beginner training for a race, the mantra from the experts was always ‘Start slow, finish strong’.  This refers to a runner’s pace during the race.  During my first 10-k race, I set myself a conservative target of finishing in under an hour.  This would have required me to maintain a pace of 6-min/km.  A combination of adrenaline, good weather and my stupidity led to me starting way too fast.  I ran my first km in 5:21.  This made for a torturous last 2-3 kms. 

On the other hand, a friend of mine trained and trained for a marathon, ran a great race, messed up their pacing and fell agonizingly short of their goal.  Not too mention, the thousands of runners that fail to finish races every year.

If you are still with me after that seemingly random running analogy, the point I’m trying to make is the key is to start.  You may start well.  You may start poorly.  However, if you don’t start, you will never get the satisfaction of finishing.

I look forward to this blog being one part of my slow start to a strong finish.

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